How I want my Phlebotomist to behave

How you can make a difference as a phlebotomist:

A Caring phlebotomist:

I recently visited my doctor and needed to take some blood tests. I do not think there are many people out there that enjoy having their blood drawn! You can definitely say that I am one of those that most certainly do not enjoy it.

I was sitting in the waiting room and waiting for my name to be called when a young obviously pregnant woman sat down next to me. She seemed nervous and apprehensive. She did not stop fidgeting and at one point she turned to me and said;” Have you ever had a blood test, it is my first pregnancy and I am nervous?” I replied in the affirmative and told her it is not that bad. Seeing how nervous she was I wasn’t ready to say that I actually hate taking them but you got to do what you got to do!

This woman was called in right before me and although there was a curtain for privacy between the room and the corridor where I was waiting, I heard the woman sigh. The phlebotomist seemed oblivious to the woman’s fear and just told her to roll her sleeves up and comply. The woman must have been taking her time for the nurse was getting impatient as she repeated her request. It seemed that as soon as the phlebotomist was ready to draw the blood another phlebotomist walked into the room and exclaimed loudly:” Oh my, dear do not be afraid, you will do fine, many people are nervous, here let me hold your hand.” As soon as she said that you were able to hear a whoosh of air escaping the woman’s mouth in relief!

Wow! the second phlebotomist really got her patient! She understood and acknowledged the woman’s fear and did not make light of it at all.

Phlebotomist have the power to make things easier for their patients and can easily appease them. Yup I think we need many more understanding and caring phlebotomist!


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