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Is Phlebotomy a must for Nurses?


Do all Nurses draw blood?

Can you get your nursing degree without the know how of  drawing blood?

Although nurses do not need to be actually certified in phlebotomy, it helps with their marketability. Are you interested in working in a specific unit in the hospital? It might then be helpful to become certified in phlebotomy. That is because some units require the nurses to draw blood instead of the hospital phlebotomy team.

Some units in the hospital need blood drawn during off hours. The phlebotomy team is not there anymore to do the draws, thus needing nurses to do it. These units such as labor and delivery and the emergency unit need someone on call for 24 hours a day. Having phlebotomy certification will enhance your possibility of getting a job in one of those units, if that is where you prefer working.

Nurses generally receive their blood drawing training during hands on work. In addition, some hospitals will pay for training. Also depends on the floor where you are placed, for some floors have patients on central lines thus making the blood drawing much simpler.

Although nurses do not need their phlebotomy certification it can help them get a job and choose their environment.

Scared to draw blood? No more!

Are you scared to draw blood?

Are you scared to draw blood? Many of us are scared the first time. If we are not scared then many times we can be nervous! When asking around if it is normal to be scared or nervous, the response I received was yes!

If you are nervous, scared and feel faint before you draw blood, know it is very normal! It does not mean that phlebotomy is not for you. Many are nervous the first few times they draw blood. It gets easier with time.

Many times you will find it easier to draw blood from others than having others drawing blood from you. 

What can you do so that you are not scared to draw blood?

  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • take deep calming, cleansing breathes
  • count to 10
  • talk to yourself, calm yourself down, saying it will be o.k.
  • talk to other phlebotomist