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Phlebotomy State Requirements for Certification:

Phlebotomy State Requirements for Certification:

Before you begin working as a phlebotomist, also known as a phlebotomy technician,  it is important for you to research your state requirements. That is because each state has different requirements in order for a phlebotomist to work. Some states require you to get your certification, while others do not.

Although, you do not need your degree to be able to work as a phlebotomist you will need to attend either a phlebotomy training program, phlebotomy classes or receive hands on training. The hands on training can be work experience.

Most states do not require you to receive your certification. However,  it is suggested that you receive it, for it can make a difference to your pay and job possibilities. To get certified you would need to  take an exam from a qualified agency, when you pass your exam you will receive your certification. Once you receive your certification from the agency you can then  apply for a phlebotomy license from your state. Once again, not all states require you to get your phlebotomy license. You need to check your states requirements to see if you need it.

Although there are many different agencies from which you can get your certification from, it generally does not matter which one you choose. They each have different requirements and therefore you should choose which one is best for you.

To conclude, it is important to know your phlebotomy state requirements for some states do not allow you to work without a license and some states do not require them! Thus,  we created an easy guide to help you learn about your states requirements. Simply click on your state below and find out!

Click on your state to see their requirements:

Alabama                      Alaska                     Arizona                 Arkansas

California                  Colorado                Connecticut        Delaware

Florida                         Georgia                   Hawaii                   Idaho

Illinois                          Indiana                     Iowa                       Kansas

Kentucky                   Louisiana                Maine                    Maryland

Massachusetts        Michigan                Minnesota           Mississippi

Missouri                      Montana                Nebraska              Nevada

New Hampshire     New Jersey          New Mexico         New York

North Carolina       North Dakota        Ohio                         Oklahoma

Oregon                      Pennsylvania           Rhode Island       South Carolina

South Dakota           Tennessee                Texas                        Utah

Vermont                      Virginia                      Washington         West Virginia

Wisconsin                   Wyoming

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