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Phlebotomy Certification Requirements


Phlebotomy certification requirements:


There are four steps to take to become a certified phlebotomist and to meet the phlebotomy certification requirements:

  1. High school diploma
  2. Phlebotomy Training
  3. Certification Exam
  4. Employment

High School Diploma:

A high school diploma or GED is needed to take a phlebotomy training course. Without saying, the better one did in school the better advantage  one has to get into a competitive phlebotomy course. However  it usually is not necessary to have done exceedingly well.


Phlebotomy Training:

Certification agencies like to see phlebotomy training. There are many schools or agencies that offer phlebotomy classes. The classes are short term, which means a few months and prepare a phlebotomist for the basics in phlebotomy. There are usually 2 steps in the training process.  The first step is more academic, learning the ins and outs of phlebotomy,  safety, legal issues and equipment disposal.  While the second half of the program is a more hands on approach, teaching one how to actually perform phlebotomy procedures in a hospital or other medical setting.

This usually includes the hours needed to cover in order to pass the certification exam.

Certification Exam:

Once your  training is complete and you have met all the required hours, you are ready to prepare for the phlebotomy certification exam. Although not all states will require the certification it will definitely help to gain employment, receive a better salary and gain an advantage. It can also be a stepping stone to a more advanced medical profession.

Certification requires meeting different eligibility requirements for each organization. Each state has different organizations that offer a certificate in phlebotomy. It is good to know that,  AMT, which stands for American Medical Technologists is an organization that offers a national certification credential. That means it can be used in all states.

States like Nevada, California and Louisiana require certification.



You are ready for employment once you received your certification. (at times even before depending on your state)  It is good to know that as  you are taking your classes or completing your hours in a lab or hospital you should let the staff know that you are looking for employment. For, they might help you find a job or they might have an opening. In addition, depending on your training program they may be able to place you as well.


You came to the wonderful decision to work in phlebotomy.

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